Crete holidays how to: The best summer vacations step by step

Do you think that Crete holidays is a complicated mission? Do you feel that, as a first time visitor, you don’t have a clue where to start from? No worries, we got you covered!

What are the must places to visit in Heraklion?

Fact: Heraklion is not only the capital of Crete, but also one of the island’s most beautiful towns. But is it just its size that it makes it a top destination? You bet it isn’t!

The top Crete restaurants: Delicious local specialties and where to taste them

There’s no denying it: Crete restaurants are some of the best restaurants in Greece! The truth is that Crete has a flourishing culinary scene, thanks to the Cretan diet.

The best things to do in Crete: Our ultimate guide

So, you’re planning your trip to Crete and wonder what the best things to do in Crete are? First of all, no worries! Crete has the magical ability to please everyone.

Top 10 most breathtaking Chania beaches you need to visit

Just imagine huge sandy shores with emerald waters, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes… Chania beaches will make you feel as if you’re a world away from the mainland.

10 places in Chania Crete that will make you book your tickets right NOW

Well, it’s not a secret that Chania Crete is one of the most picturesque towns of the island! Strongly influenced by many cultures, this magical town…

5 reasons why Paleochora in Crete should be your next holiday destination

Can we be totally honest with you? Paleochora is one of the most beautiful, towns in southern Crete- if not the most beautiful! You must be thinking that…

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